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The Florence Ballard Fan Club was founded in 1986 by Alan White as a living memorial to Florence Ballard. The purpose of the fan club is to keep Florence Ballard's legacy alive in a positive light. This purpose is achieved by focusing on Florence Ballard's life in a manner that brings honor and recognition to her.

Painting of Florence Ballard of the Supremes The fan club's approach to Florence is in stark contrast to the media accounts of her life. For the most part, the media tends to portray Florence in a manner that overemphasizes the tragedy in her life. These media stories and references often cause Florence to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The fan club provides a balanced view of Florence's life. This balanced view is shown through interviews and articles in "FLORENCE BALLARD," the fan club's newsletter. This view is also reflected in the highly acclaimed Florence Ballard Exhibition. The balanced view is equally advanced by the Florence Ballard Scholarship, and the Florence Ballard publicity campaigns.

Throughout her childhood and early teens, Florence's biggest desire was to express her musical talent. Her desire was realized at the age of fifteen when she formed a quartet that later became the number one popular music group in America. This group was the Supremes. As a member of the Supremes, Florence helped define a chapter of popular music history. She, Diana Ross and Mary Wilson dazzled the world with their style and became role models to millions of people.

Florence left the Supremes in 1967 as a superstar. She started a solo career but suffered many setbacks that led her life in a different direction. She married Thomas Chapman and they had three children. After she left the Supremes, Florence's efforts were directed toward raising her children and overcoming the obstacles that undermined her career. She fought a persistent battle for several years and eventually prevailed and reestablished herself.

At the time of her death, she was on her way to a comeback. Seven months before she died, Florence sang to a packed house in Detroit's Ford Auditorium. The public never forgot her even after an eight-year absence from the spotlight.

Undoubtedly, Florence Ballard would have made a successful comeback. To this day she continues to be held in the highest esteem by the public. If she were alive today, undoubtedly, she would be expressing her talent in a wonderful way. But since she is no longer alive, it is up to us, her fans, to carry on her legacy.

You can help carry on Florence Ballard's legacy by joining the fan club. Membership is open to anyone who supports the fan club's purpose. The membership dues are $15 per year for the United States and Canada. Outside the United States the membership fee is $20 per year.

Please join the fan club today.

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